How to Use Social Media to Build an Email List
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How to Use Social Media to Build an Email List


Email lists are essential for almost all businesses to drive up the conversion rate. Email lists can increase conversions three times as much as social media content. Plus, the value of the conversions based on email lists are about 17 percent higher, meaning sales, profitability and ROI levels are all better. Social media is best at engaging with customers, raising brand awareness with content and building loyal customer bases. Businesses can harness this power of social media to build email lists, which directly leads to bigger sales.

Here are several ways that you can use social media to build emailing lists:

Use CTAs on Facebook

On Facebook, it’s important to provide users with options for signing up for a mailing list. You can create a call to action (CTA) button on Facebook and select “Sign Up” as the CTA text. Include a link to the landing page on this CTA and it will redirect all users to that site. Include the email list sign up form on this landing page. You will have to optimise the landing page to get people to give up their email addresses.

If you want the signing up process to occur on Facebook without a redirect, you will need an email service provider like MailChimp that facilitates Facebook sign ups. When you have the right service provider, a request to sign up for an email list automatically comes up when a new user visits.

Use Lead Generation Cards on Twitter

It’s relatively easy to gather email addresses on Twitter and get followers to sign up. The key here is Lead Generation Cards. You can set these things up when you sign up for Twitter paid advertisements and add a credit card to the account. Of course, Twitter will not charge your credit card for setting up a Lead Generation Card. Only paid promotions will be charged from your bank account.

Get started by selecting “Creatives” option on the lead gen card. Go to the drop-down menu and then select “cards.” You will have to write a convincing description and include a visually appealing image on the card. You will have to give potential followers a truly compelling reason to join your email list when they click to follow.

You can use a lead generation magnet to get existing followers to sign up for an emailing list. You will have to provide a URL for this, possibly from a WordPress library. Go to “card editing” and change the “destination” field to the URL. Include a post-submit message and then pin the card to your Twitter profile for everyone to see.

Use Links on Instagram

Instagram is not particularly powerful for list building. However, you can still attract a following. The best method is to include links to the email list-landing page on the image page or your Instagram profile. Images will be the lead magnets. You can ask followers to include their emails in the comments section to sign up.

Request Emails on Snapchat

On Snapchat, you can simply request users to give you their email addresses to add to a list. Everything is free on Snapchat, so you can simply ask people who like the content to sign up. Then send a lovely welcome email to followers who subscribe with their emails to get more people to sign up.

On Periscope, the key is to attract users with highly appealing content. Then, throw in an incentive like a freebie to get people to sign up for your emailing list. Something similar works on Pinterest, also driven by appealing images. Being consistent on Pinterest and joining group boards will help you attract more email list subscribers.

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