Using Twitter to Generate Leads
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Using Twitter to Generate Leads


Social media channels like Twitter are no longer used solely for creating brand awareness online—they’re now also a goldmine for quality leads.

Just as fast page speeds and efficient web hosting is paramount to website success, so too is utilising social media channels to their full extent.

Lead generation on Twitter can be as useful as personal references. Those retweets can certainly rile up interest regarding a product or a service. The endless retweets and followings are also highly effective for list building for e-marketing purposes.

Twitter, as a business, also actively promotes lead generation efforts by businesses. The problem is, a regular business account on Twitter is not sufficient for generating leads on its own. You need to make some adjustments if you want your company Twitter profile to transform into a superpower that generates leads every minute.

Your business will need a Leads Generation Card purchased from Twitter to have potential customers share contact information with your company. You might also want to verify your account, if you haven’t already. If you have a Twitter Leads Generation Card, customers can share their email with you by simply clicking twice.

So, get your Leads Generation Card ready and follow the below tips to generate hundreds or even thousands of opportunities using Twitter:

Keep Lead Generating Posts Clear and Concise

The aim of a lead generating post is to get a customer to click on a single link. Therefore, you don’t need to flood the tweet with hashtags. While hashtags are great for getting a post trending, they do tend to distract Twitter users from inserted links. Keep the tweet short and to the point. Do not post multiple links, ever. Insert only the link you want users to click on. Include great call to action text right before the link is inserted.

Text Should be Interesting

The text of your tweet should be as interesting as a marketing one, if not more so. Twitter users are more likely to retweet or like a post than to click on an external link. Be careful to keep the content engaging and purposeful—don’t give people a reason to unfollow you.

Identify Hotspot Times

The conventional wisdom is that the company that is on Twitter 24/7 gets the most leads. Well, now marketers can say, it’s not being online at all times that matters, but being online during the right times. Businesses have cyclical periods of “hotspot” times on Twitter. These periods are the times during the day or week that potential customers are most likely to click on a link you provide.

Hotspot times change between businesses. For example, if your target audience is comprised mainly of millennials, getting them to click on a lead generating link on weekdays during business hours can be difficult. Your customers will be busy at work, where using Twitter is most likely banned. Determine which times of the day your customers will most likely use the platform, and most likely will be willing to click on a link. Aim to tweet your lead generating posts during this time.

Use an Image

Twitter users love images. In fact, image sharing is one of the top activities done on the social network. Therefore, do not hesitate to complement your post with an eye-catching image. However, the image shouldn’t overshadow your link. Show the link after the image. The graphic will be the first item that catches a user’s eye. So, if the link is above the image, a Twitter user might not even see it. Put the link below the image to make it stand out.

Be Careful of Using Clickbait Titles

It’s tempting to use clickbait-style text or headings to get users to click on the link—we know. Unfortunately, clickbait can easily end up sounding like spam. Therefore, the best way to attract users with text is to sound natural. Provide accurate information. Do not twist your company’s words for the sake of generating leads.

Combine Organic and Paid Tweets

You can generate more leads by combining both organic and paid tweets. Too many paid tweets will not generate you actual leads. On the other hand, it’s not easy to generate enough leads just with organic tweets. Therefore, mix up the two to get the best results.

Once you have launched your campaign, don’t forget to follow up on it. Measure each tweet for its effectiveness. These measurements will help you understand what works and perfect your strategy.

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