Why is it Important to Grow Your E-mail List?
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Why is it Important to Grow Your E-mail List?


Marketing in recent times has been too consumed by social media. Advertisers and business promoters dedicate most aspects of a campaign to various social media tactics. However, it’s important not to lose focus in this manner when running a marketing campaign. A successful marketing campaign does not solely focus on getting likes and shares. A good advertising strategy is comprehensive, and makes good use of multiple available tools to retain customers and promote brand awareness.

One such useful tool marketers can employ to drive traffic is an e-newsletter campaign. Most businesses tend to ignore this classic tactic in favour of newer methods. Doing so can cost companies, especially the small ones, big in terms of retaining customers. Let’s look at several reasons why all businesses must build an email list fast:

It Helps Companies Reach Customers in a Personal Way

The biggest benefit of having an e-mail marketing list is that it allows businesses to reach customers in a direct and personal manner. Facebook posts, tweets, and Instagram pictures published by businesses are intended for the masses, not individual users. With an e-mail, a company can directly address a customer and add a personalised touch to the content being promoted. This is crucial for retaining customers.

It is known to Drive Traffic

Customers are highly likely to click on links shown in e-mails rather than ads. Businesses that have mastered list building strategies report as much as 60 to 70 percent of traffic generated by e-mailed links. Therefore, do not underestimate the power of a good email marketing campaign to generate traffic to your site. If done right, e-mail marketing can be as good as, or even better than, SEO for attracting users.

It Boosts Conversion Rates

Traffic aside, what businesses must truly invest in is boosting the conversion rate. Sites that generate high traffic will only profit if the visitors are willing to actually buy. Email marketing can send highly targeted traffic to a site, therefore increasing the number of users who are willing to make a purchase. Classic newsletter marketing tips are highly useful in this regard. Businesses that already have an e-mailing list should consider using traditional tactics to significantly improve the conversion rate.

It Builds Loyalty

E-mail marketing is mostly effective in keeping customers coming back to the site. E-mailing offers can remind old customers once more that your site is here for them to shop. Online shoppers often have to choose between several competing sites. If your business is in touch with this customer via e-mail, he or she will most likely return to your site to buy.

It Generates Data

Companies don’t build an email marketing list just for advertising purposes. E-mail lists are also treasure troves of highly useful data, such as customer demographics, location, buying habits, and so on. Obviously, such information can be extremely useful later for revamping the marketing strategy.

It’s Your Own Turf

There’s only so much a business can promote on websites, like Facebook, that are owned by other companies. Your marketing strategy will be bound by rules set to further someone else’s business interests. With e-mail marketing however, businesses are in full control of what the customer sees.

Do not disregard e-mail marketing as an archaic tool. As you can see, it offers amazing opportunities that businesses can truly capitalise on. Therefore, growing the existing e-mail list should be at the top of your company’s marketing agenda.

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