10 Instagram Marketing Tips for eCommerce Websites
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10 Instagram Marketing Tips for eCommerce Websites


Have you heard? Instagram is overtaking Twitter in advertising revenue. This is a major shift for social media marketing campaigns. Twitter used to be the go-to platform, after Facebook, for customer-centric advertising. The landscape has changed now as Instagram keeps adding more users, and Twitter’s growth stagnates. According to research, your marketing strategy must target Instagram in order to be successful.

Instagram is mainly a photo sharing app that depends little on text and a lot on hashtags. Therefore, marketing and branding on Instagram is significantly different than on other platforms such as Facebook. If you have an ecommerce site that wants to capitalise on Instagram’s popularity, here are several useful tips:

1. Shoot Square Photos

You will notice that all photos on Instagram are square shaped with the subject most often in the middle. Traditional photography varies in shape and is rarely centred on the subject. If you want your promotional photos to be successful on Instagram, post only eye-catching square shots.

2. Post Consistent Photographs

The Instagram feed for your business should have photographs of a similar theme and colour scheme. When a customer scrolls down the feed, he or she should not see some photos that unappealingly stand out from the rest. For example, if your feed mainly consists of black and white landscape shots, don’t post colourful pictures of food. Be consistent in your postings to retain followers.

3. Never Post Direct Advertisements

Do not post square-shaped graphic advertisements for your business on Instagram. No one will follow your account. Resist the temptation and post only high-quality photographs.

4. Use Text to Promote Business

When using Instagram for ecommerce, instead of graphic ads, use the photo description box to promote your business. Most users simply describe the photo and use hashtags in this box. However, if you have any discounts, sales or free offers to announce, do so in this box, not in the photographs.

5. Keep Descriptions Short

Image descriptions should be kept short as much as possible. Only use longer descriptions of more than 50 words if absolutely necessary. Instagram users have short attention spans. Therefore, if you have something important to say, it should be said quickly with the least amount of words.

6. Share Social Media Buttons on Your Site

To attract new followers, do not forget to use an Instagram buy button that users who visit your business site can click on. Social media buttons are highly useful for redirecting traffic from your main site to others.

7. Insert Trending Hashtags

Like with Twitter and Facebook, your posts must have trending hashtags to be more visible. Have your marketing team research these on a daily basis to include in your posts. However, use only relevant trending hashtags.

8. Run a Hashtag Contest

Social media is all about engaging customers. One of the popular Instagram ecommerce tactics to attract potential customers is to run a hashtag contest. Get your marketing team to device a contest and a new hashtag. Then, ask your followers to post photos with the hashtag you created to win a prize. This is an excellent method to get your business trending on social media.

9. Share Followers Posts on Your Account

If your business has followers with vibrant Instagram accounts of their own, you can share their posts on your account to mutually benefit from the glory. Remember to ask for permission in advance, however.

10. Occasionally Post Videos

Do not limit your account to photographs. You can pique the interest of your followers with the occasional video as well. You can share popular videos, or generate videos with viral potential in-house.

Right now, Instagram is the hippest photo sharing platform to market products. Do not let this opportunity go to waste. Use the tips mentioned above to get the most benefits for your business and brand.

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