What is Email Hosting?
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What is Email Hosting?


It is hard to dispute the incredible growth in new media platforms, such as digital and social media. However, one older form of media is still widely used and prominent in businesses worldwide – emails. This still falls as one of the most vital forms of business communication and marketing, with thousands of emails sent throughout industries daily in order to perform crucial business functions.

Whenever you send and receive an email to a business, it is likely that you will find a personalised email address. In order to get this tailored email address, usually displayed like you@yourdomainname.com, you must have an email hosting service. In this, you would purchase a space to store and run your email server.

By using email hosting services, you can have a professional mailing system with business branding included. Generally, emails that contain a business name in the address ooze a sense of professionalism and worth, legitimising the company towards recipients. It is essential to any size business, especially those that want to stand out amongst the crowd.

The Benefits of Email Hosting

There are a range of benefits that can be seen with investing in an email hosting service. One of the most prominent of which is the large set of features that come with hosting, including autoresponders, larger attachment capabilities, virus protection, mailing rules, IMAP/POP3, online storage, unlimited aliases and forwarders, calendars, backups, archiving, contact management and much more.

Using a business email also carries a more professional weight when converting both internally and externally to customers and stakeholders. It not only tends to be looked upon more highly, but instils a sense of trust that isn’t usually found from random email address names. Having that direct link between the email content and your company creates a professional association, and heightens the likelihood of receivers in opening and engaging with the content.

There are also a range of benefits to an avenue of email hosting, which is white-label email hosting. In this, you can use your own logo on the email account, extending the branding of your email address and strengthening the ways in which you convey your business. It is often common within businesses, with the ability to hide the overall parent service.

Why Use Email Hosting?

  • Having a dedicated email hosting system tends to offer larger storage options for business communications. It also carries an optimised format for a range of devices, including mobile and smart devices.
  • Email hosting also supports larger emails, including massive attachments and higher volumes of email exchanges.
  • Higher levels of protection can be seen through email servers, not just in terms of hacker prevention but also backing up systems to protect emails in case of server crashes.

Web Hosting vs Email Hosting

Email hosting is not the same as web hosting, and although they work seamlessly together they still remain separate in functionality. Web hosting is the system that stores all information regarding your website, or where it lives. These servers power and support your web page, and ensure that it remains accessible to viewers. In comparison, email hosting strictly hosts and stores electronic mail systems.

In the past, small to medium sized businesses kept their web and email hosting powered by the same server, and separate web and email hosting systems were reserved for large scale organisations. The method of splitting these services used to mean that businesses had to have in house IT staff and mail servers, but since the advancements in the technological and digital world businesses of all sizes have started to reap the benefits of dedicated email hosting on cloud services such as Google Apps. This has changed the way that business communication operations take place, and allow businesses to better optimise their web and email hosting.

When you consider how crucial fast and effective communication levels are in business, you can see the importance of having a dedicated and exclusive hosting system for both web and email services. Ensure you have a well-managed mailing system for your business, and invest in an email hosting service today.

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