How to Use These 3 Social Media Platforms For Business
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How to Use These 3 Social Media Platforms For Business


Social media is the fastest way to communicate in this modern digital age. With the growth of popularity worldwide, we see new platforms popping up every year. With most of these free to use and widely spread, it is no wonder that both individuals and businesses have been harnessing its power.

It has changed the way we do business, allowing us to trade products and services with ease. It has also changed the way we market and advertise, as it is easier to access target audiences in any virtually any location. It seems as though that if you would like your business to remain relevant in the industry, you need to be across social networks. But with the prevalence of platforms, which is best for the social strategy of your business?


Facebook is the single most widely recognised social networking system. With the highest number of users reaching towards 1.94 billion engaging with the platform, it remains one of the best ways to reach people on a global scale.

It is highly versatile in its nature, supporting both individual and full business use. It is now a multifaceted web and mobile social platform, with a variety of functions for high levels of engagement. You can share photos, geo-locations, videos, information, articles, social updates, videos and even live stream to your audience.

With its function labelled ‘Pages’, which allows you to manage your business page readily, it is a necessary addition to any organisations social plan. It regularly runs data tests regarding your page, and offers you solutions to grow your audience and improve your engagement amongst the platform. For advertisement material, there is also the ability to boost posts to a specific geo-location, or outlined demographic (for a small price).

Who: Businesses who want to grow audience


Widely used as a platform for newsgathering and opinion sharing, Twitter is an asset to businesses of any tier. It is characterised by its short text updates (140 characters), amongst the ability to share other media types such as videos, images, polls, links and more. It has grown in prevalence, widely used across the world as a quick way for individuals to get in touch with businesses and people of interest, such as celebrities.

Twitter also has a section known as “Trending”, showing users the highest trending topics based on geo-location. This tool can be used to a business advantage by engaging in important social content, or as a way to discover advancements within their industry and create content that is already popular.

Twitter is the place to engage with your customers. This means that you should not only share your own business media, but connect with customers who are tweeting about your business or products by liking or responding to their tweets. It is a fast-paced environment full of quick thinking and refined information sharing, and can be a great asset to businesses who focus on customer service and social issues.

Who: Everyone, especially multinational businesses


Categorised as one of the most visual social media platforms, Instagram is the perfect place to share high quality, media content. Owned by Facebook with over 700 million users, it is the ultimate platform for photo and video sharing. With editing tools included, it allows users to easily edit and upload photos and videos to their audience. Unlike the other platforms we have looked at thus far, Instagram is almost entirely mobile.

Through the use of related hashtags, or geo-tagging posts, you are able to gain the attention of users worldwide and promote products and services. With the ability to have paid advertisement featured within outlined locations and demographics, this platform is perfect for lifestyle and beauty businesses who are looking to gain the attention of social media stars.

Who should use it: Lifestyle companies, restaurants, fashion brands, social personalities, visual businesses such as Architects and Landscaping, media companies and luxury brands

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