5 Next Level Tips For Growing Your Business On Facebook
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5 Next Level Tips For Growing Your Business On Facebook


Facebook is truly colossal, with over one billion active users visiting their site monthly and five new user profiles created every second. This social media giant has an equally massive audience that is steadily growing - and this is a fact that has not been overlooked in the world of business. Every size and shape of company are adapting their business models to tap into Facebook.

For many businesses, though, the prospect of diving into social media seems like a drastic change. In short, this is likely going to be a huge mistake for any business. A lack of visibility and online presence is a recipe for disaster in the corporate world of today, so it really is pivotal to stay abreast of current trends like social media.

Thankfully, this post is here to help offer up some top tips to help you leverage your business on Facebook. If you are completely new to social media, or are just looking to improve your overall impact on Facebook, then read on.

Events and Promotions

One of the easiest ways to see some direct results is to create some events and promotions. These can be fantastic tools to drum up some exposure and sales at key times of the year. For example, seasonal sales are a surefire way to entice some new customers around the holidays. Try not to confine yourself to standard holidays, though. Flash sales are a great tactic to employ as it directly engages with your audience and puts a time limit on the sale. Similarly, events are a great way to promote your business, and Facebook helps promote the event through updates on your feed.

Consider Contests

Much like promotions, contests are a fantastic tool to grab the attention of your audience. By engaging with people through fun activities such as raffles and contests, your brand and online presence should grow markedly.

Use it to Communicate

The platform was originally designed to connect people and create a platform for them to communicate. It can be easy to overlook this basic feature, but creating a dialogue with your audience is a great way to improve your businesses appeal and image. So, be active on Facebook - start conversations, respond to people and remind them that there is a person to talk to behind your profile.

Invest Time and Reap The Benefits

These tips are just starting points, and should be expanded upon greatly and tailored to fit your business. Once you have started your journey into social media, it is important to dedicate time and effort to making it a success. Regularly engage with customers, do not let promotions go stale and watch your online presence grow!

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