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4 Ways to Effectively Grow Your YouTube Audience


Anyone with their eye on the current social media landscape can see that video is king right now. There’s simply no match for the power of video in content marketing, particularly now that auto-play software updates to smartphones have made it easier than ever before to get your video seen quickly by a wide audience. YouTube is by far the best channel to share your business’s video content marketing, and building a strong and engaged subscriber base will be the first step to success.

1. Brand your YouTube profile. This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many businesses forget to complete and fully brand their YouTube channel. Complete the profile, create a fun and descriptive paragraph to describe your channel to new visitors to your profile, and design specific branded graphics to use as your profile thumbnail avatar and the banner that appears at the top of your YouTube profile page. Those finishing touches will give your profile a polished and professional edge.

2. Grab your viewer’s attention. In order to get your audience to click on each video, you’ll need to draw them in with the title and thumbnail image used for the video. The title should be descriptive and fun without being too long – you want to keep it under 50 characters so that it displays properly. Choose the screenshot for your thumbnail wisely to draw the audience’s eyes to your image, and make sure you write a detailed enough video description with all the correct keywords so that YouTube knows how to categorise your video.

3. Share your videos widely. If you have a substantial number of followers on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, bring that audience over to your YouTube channels by sharing your videos and encouraging them to take a look. If the videos are engaging enough, you should quickly gain views from these channels and hopefully build up your subscriber count.

Create quality content. The real secret to success on YouTube is in the content you choose. If you just post dull videos describing your products or discussing your business, you’re unlikely to attract much attention. Viewers are looking for relatively polished filming and editing, so use a decent camera or a newer high-quality smartphone model, and learn how to use editing software to make the video look as professional as possible. Make sure that the content is useful to your audience and serves a clear purpose, even if the purpose is just to make them laugh.

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