What is E-Commerce Hosting
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What is E-Commerce Hosting


Have you ever clicked on to your favourite online shopping site and found that is isn’t responding? You refresh a couple of times, and then reluctantly click off and try a different one.

Ecommerce businesses demand some of the most intricate and responsive forms of hosting, otherwise they will fall behind quickly. In a world where brick and mortar stores are expanding into the online world, they need a supportive platform to showcase all of their products and services in one easy place for customer viewing. The responsiveness of their website, and hundreds of pages within, can make or break them in an already competitive industry.

Performance is key to the success of any company. When talking about an online platform, nothing is more vital than easy to access information available at any time to anybody that clicks. It all comes down to one thing – Ecommerce Hosting.

Ecommerce companies know the importance in having a great hosting method behind their site, powering them to the constant stream of people accessing their pages. The choice of an appropriate hosting server that supports your design strategy, product display and customers can be confusing in a world full of hosting types. So, what hosting is best for your Ecommerce website?

Shared Hosting?

Now, shared hosting is great for smaller webpages. It is great in terms of affordability, especially when you don’t need all the extra bells and whistles to keep your page running at an optimal level. For bigger and more demanding business pages, such as ecommerce pages, shared hosting is not enough. This is because, as it is the cheapest option, it does not have the capacity to run larger websites with higher audience demands, which in turn influences the speed and load time of the site itself. Responsiveness is everything, and if your page does not load quickly, your customers will click off. More than that, you are sharing your host with other sites. If there is a security breach in one of the other sites in the same host, it is likely that your site can be hit. This can be detrimental, especially when handling confidential information, like a customer’s address, name and card details.

Shared hosting for an ecommerce site is just not a plausible option. Having a slow site can directly influence your sales, and damage your business in the eyes of your customers.


More responsive and supportive for ecommerce sites than Shared Hosting, VPS is a way of getting your own private virtual server which is powered by a singular host. Breaking that down, it is similar to having your own apartment in a shared building. You can have your ecommerce site optimised towards thousands of customers, and the room to move around with more RAM and higher CPUs behind it. You also have the hosting company behind you in this, managing all of the updates and troubleshooting of your site so that you can focus on more important things. VPS is a smart choice for that ecommerce company starting out, but if you plan to expand into hundreds of thousands to millions of customers, what’s next?

Dedicated Hosting?

When you hit it big time and need more than VPS, take a look at dedicated servers. Known for their high performance and response, it is an incredible option for those who are garnering the attention of millions worldwide. Although there is a higher cost involved, it almost guarantees that nothing technical gets in the way of your sale.

At the end of the day however, your hosting may play a part in your websites success but it isn’t the only thing that should be considered. Ecommerce itself is a hard avenue of business, and you need to find ways to stand out in a sea of similar companies with products and services that match yours in some way.

The way you paint yourself is everything in the eye of the customer. Great hosting can add to the way you display yourself when it is paired with fantastic ecommerce marketing. You need to find a host site that supports you in all avenues of business. From the make of your page, visual profile of your products, and content to performance and business integrity.

Find the right fit for you today.

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