The Best Ecommerce Website Design Strategies and Models
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The Best Ecommerce Website Design Strategies and Models


Establishing success online takes a great deal of effort, creativity and—most importantly—an engaged audience. Whether it is creating captivating blog posts or an online store, the fundamentals remain the same in that you need to tailor your content to your audience. This guide will look at some of the best strategies and models to use when designing your own eCommerce website. If you are looking to improve your business online, consider the customer. From here, try employing some of the ideas outlined below.

Think About What Your Customer Will Look For

This strategy is a great way to keep your ideas grounded in the reality of your customers. Think about what they will be doing with their time on your site—what will they be looking for and how will they find it? Consider your audience as two groups: one group that carries the intent and knowledge of what they want, and another group that are essentially window shopping. Both of these groups will look for things in a different way and have different intents.

Be sure to consider both sides when you design your page. Making your search results easier to filter is one way of making life easier for both groups. For the customer that knows what they want, easy to navigate categories will be a useful design strategy, too. On that note…

Group Similar Items

By default, our brains love order and organisation. From a business perspective, this organisation and order can actually boost your sales. You can go one of two ways with this model—either group complementary items (such as shoes and socks) or group recommended items (an amp being recommended after buying a guitar, for example). Whichever route you choose; this design is a sure-fire way to make a few more sales.

Mobile Compatibility

With the way things are at the moment, more people use smartphones to browse the web than they use laptops. So, design your eCommerce site with the mobile user in mind. There is nothing worse for the user experience than trying to work with a desktop-designed website on their smartphone. Make sure you’re able to cater for the on-the-go audience.

Design For Success

All of these tips point towards the user experience and how you can best accommodate it. Whether it is making your site mobile-friendly, or just a little easier to navigate, by improving the user experience you can expect to see a great improvement in your sales.

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