Cloud Hosting Versus VPS – What You Need to Know
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Cloud Hosting Versus VPS – What You Need to Know


A big decision for businesses in this digital age is to decide on a hosting solution. In order to decide whether you require cloud servers or virtual private servers (VPS) it’s important to know the difference between the two.

For businesses looking to increase operational efficiency while also reducing IT costs, VPS has been a great solution. This option isolates programs and applications to the one virtual server, meaning you can benefit from better control, increased security and privacy as the server is only for you. Of course, there are a few counter points that businesses will need to keep in mind when it comes to VPS; while you will save on hardware and be able to run numerous operating systems at the same time, it doesn’t really scale well. If scaling is important, cloud hosting may be the way to go as it gives you the flexibility to scale up and out when required. Whether it’s processors, RAM or cloned copies for back up purposes, this option allows you to easily add more resources to your server.

It’s not necessarily either or

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to choose one way or the other. For example, a VPS can be hosted in a virtual environment. Confused? Let us clarify. Basically, you can have one physical server that is then converted into multiple virtual machines and each of these virtual machines will act like a physical one. This gives you the ability to run web applications and IT resources cost efficiently whilst benefitting from instant flexibility and scalability.

Here are some options that are available

Managed Virtualisation

This is great for businesses that are currently experiencing growth or have changing needs. The managed virtual cloud solution is cost efficient and allows you to scale up to meet your capacity and performance needs quickly. By getting it managed you have peace of mind that your needs are going to be met even through peaks – whether market-driven or seasonal.

Public Cloud

The public cloud is one of the most recognised models in terms of cloud computing. Offered in a virtualised environment, the public cloud uses shared physical resources and is accessible over a public network and is great for scalability and self-service.

Private Cloud

This offers similar benefits to that of the public cloud, however it is dedicated to a single organisation. With private, you also get the perks of enhanced service quality and the ability to reduce the time it takes to deliver what it is the user wants.

Both Have Their Own Sets of Benefits

Cloud Hosting

  • One of the most prevalent characteristics of Cloud hosting is that it is an extremely reliable source of hosting. As your sites information is pulsed from a multitude of servers, should one be affected it won’t impact the way your site performs.
  • Cloud hosting also boasts a high form of security for all webpages. As it is hosted across various servers in different locations, it can be harder to intercept the data that is crossed.
  • More than these, Cloud Hosting is incredibly flexible in its nature. Your site is being supported by multiple servers, meaning that any demands from page sizes to audience sizes can be met.


  • One of the major benefits of VPS hosting is that as your business garners more site traffic, you can update and scale your VPS accordingly.
  • VPS plans tend to be customisable to your needs, meaning that you can personalise your plan usually to only include the necessities. This can save your business a lot of money in the long run.
  • Another feature of VPS is that is it able to be controlled more than what share hosting is, a feature that both hosting types have. This means that both platforms are very similar, with only slight changes between them.

At the end of the day, it is up for you to decide which works better for you, and your business.

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