5 Major Benefits of Using A VPS
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5 Major Benefits of Using A VPS


The exponential growth in popularity of virtual private servers has become evident in recent years. Many organisations are readily switching to these virtualisation technologies and the reasons for that are easy to decipher. VPS offer convenient scalability and leave a lesser carbon footprint than other hosting options. The prediction is that the demand for virtual private servers will continue to increase as they continue to grow in sophistication, functionality, and performance. If you are not convinced that this hosting is ideal for you, consider these other reasons:

Unmatched Stability and Reliability

Shared hosting might be a cheap option, but the companies that offer this solution are profit minded. It is not unusual for them to overuse a server by hosting more clients than is necessary. This has led to a marked decrease in the reliability of their services, and that is why shared hosting might soon be a thing of the past.

The problem with a shared server is that the performance of your website, and its uptime, are interlinked with others. So if one website was to crash the server for some reason, your website will be affected. If you are in business, this can easily translate to losses, and the reputation of your brand can be affected. It’s simply a risk not worth taking.

Greater Control

With VPS hosting, you enjoy greater flexibility as far as root access is concerned. If you wish to install some software or application to improve your website, you are at liberty to do so. This is not the case with shared servers. These are designed to perform optimally. While this is laudable, it denies you the opportunity to install any software due to performance security issues. The hosting provider will unlikely agree to any additions to your website regardless of how useful they might be. With your own virtual server however, these limitations do not exist.

Environmentally friendly and resource efficient

There has been a greater call to go green in recent years. It makes sense to care for the environment in whatever way we can. VPS aligns with this global initiative. A server is partitioned into different virtual environments, meaning its resources are shared. This is unlike a dedicated server, whose power consumption only benefits one particular user.


Some websites are designed to accommodate a particular number of users. But, for the majority, the vision is to grow. Knowing that you can upgrade your website, and have its increased demands met by the same hosting solution without any compromises in performance or technical constraints is very reassuring.

With a VPS, the environment within which you are hosted is referred to as a container. When you purchase the hosting package, the number of resources you can access and use is well defined. The advantage of these containers is that they can be scaled down or up on a need basis. In other words, in those instances where you are expecting many hits, you can simply allocate more resources to your website in a hassle-free way. Dedicated servers usually require a person to physically add any additional resources, which is not only inconvenient, but also interrupts the uptime of your website.

Ideal for Small Websites

The costs of VPS hosting have come down, thanks in part to developing technologies, and the increased availability of these services. This means that small websites, with limited budgets, can take advantage of them. You can get a virtual private server for the same cost as shared hosting, but with none of the shortcomings of the latter.

Once you get your first VPS, you’ll wonder why you did not try it sooner. It matters the kind of provider you go for. Ideally, one that offers you more root control and greater scalability is the one you should go for. You should easily find one that offers you a control panel that intuitively allows you to comprehensively manage your website.

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