Improving Your Web Design in 2017
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Improving Your Web Design in 2017


Creating a high-quality website can be difficult to grasp, especially one that functions across the board. From customers, to products, your business and SEO, it can be difficult to meet all the needs of your business.

With so many elements to take into consideration when it comes to web design, it can be difficult to determine where to begin. For most businesses, a website acts as the hub for sales and marketing of products and services, and the main information point for consumers across the world. This is where you need to ensure that your website is the best reflection of your brand, and it a cohesive platform that allows people to easily locate the information needed.

At the crux of this is a solid website design, and there are a number of ways to ensure that yours is most effective for your sales, marketing, advertising and social media campaigns, and drive leads to sales.

Mobile Compatibility

Most people are gathering their information from smart devices. With their small and transportable nature, it allows consumers to access information whenever they please, and this includes your products and services. This is where it is vital to ensure that as part of your web design you include a compatibility for mobile and smart device users. Not only is it vital for conversion rates, but it allows you to refine your information to ensure that the most vital information is available easily.

If users go to your website to find that it doesn’t work on their smart device, they will turn away and find an optimised site that they can work with. Redesigning your website into a responsive format across both tablet and mobile platforms is key to boosting site performance and conversion.

Design Simplicity

Your web design is the main base to convey your brand, products and services. Your web design needs to convey the right message to your customers through the display and design elements you have. It can be worthwhile having a clean, simple and easy design to ensure that your customers are able to find your information easily, and not feel overwhelmed with flashy designs and impractical pop ups.

Not only does it help your website look sleeker, but without all the unnecessary additional elements, it tends to respond better and operate more smoothly.

Easy Navigation

It is crucial to ensure that your customers have a clear link from one second of your page to another. You need to provide them with a logical pathway to follow, by providing them with links to other pages. You need to ensure that there are clear notions towards key pages, such as About Us pages and contact information.

More than that, you should create a clear funnel on every landing page for consumers to follow through to other products or services. This can help provide a way to keep leads on your site, and explore other products/services that may be suited to their needs. Simply, it gives your business more of a chance to create a sale by including a call to action.

Accessible Contact Information

Ensure that your customers have a way to contact you easily by including a clear link to contact information within your pages. By listing it within content, or providing a call to action down the bottom to link them to contact information, your leads can easily talk to you and allow you the opportunity to turn into sales.

Review Your Design Regularly

In order to keep up with the advancements made in the online world every day, web design trends change and develop. This means that you must review your web design to ensure that it is still at its best level of functionality, and maintaining the results you are after. More than that, your customer expectations change and as your business grows and gains more notoriety, your webpage needs to reflect that. This does not mean that you have to completely re-design your website every year, but you should ensure you take the time to discover trends and how they fit with your overall design and development.

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