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10 Web Design Tips and Trends


As the number of businesses with an online presence grows, the need for your website to stand out becomes more and more crucial. To really boost your site to a top level of professionalism, read on to discover ten transformative, yet easy, web design tips and trends.

Keep it simple

Nothing switches people off more than a cluttered, disorganised webpage that is difficult to navigate and confusing to use. Eradicate this problem by only keeping vital information on your site.

Highlight things of importance

What is the main aim of your site? What are you trying to achieve by having a space online? Make whatever this is the clearest, the boldest, and the biggest aspect.

Demonstrate your personality

If your site looks like someone else’s, you are not infusing it with your own character. A site that shows a little personal flair can be more attractive and attention grabbing to the average user than a faceless, corporate site.

Make it easy

A visitor to your site doesn’t want to waste time and energy struggling to figure out their way around and clicking on the wrong links – keep everything as straight forward as possible.

Have one colour theme

A clear sense of visual aesthetic pulls together many of the other tips and trends mentioned above. It helps to keep the site simple, can be used to highlight important information, can show your personality – whether that’s bright and cheerful, or serious and professional – as well as making your page easier on the eye.

Write for your target audience

Adapt your writing style to suit the needs of the consumer: for example, don’t use very technical language if your site is aimed at the average citizen as they will close the window if they cannot understand the vocabulary.

Appeal to expectations

What features time and again on other sites? Take a moment to consider convention: should a header image link to the home page, perhaps?

Move to material design

A current popular web design trend is the decision to switch from flat design to material design: the concept of using shadow and movement to create more realistic graphics.

Use more images

With the rise in technology allowing for greater image quality and accessibility, this is the year to explore the classic ‘show don’t tell’ option on your website. Engage people with your eye-catching images and make your site less of a text-heavy headache.

Make it mobile compatible

Finally, more and more people are focussing on the mobile experience of their site, so don’t get left behind.

With these top ten tips and trends, you now you have the tools to update your website to its optimum design and most current look!

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