How to Select a Good Domain Name for Your Website
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How to Select a Good Domain Name for Your Website


Before you pay for your domain name or hosting plan, it is vital to carefully consider a good name for your website. A domain name represents you and your business. Just like a good reputation, it hugely determines the success of your website and branding.

Here’s our top three tips to consider before you select your domain name.

Determine Your Niche

What will be the main area of focus for your website? Who is your target audience? Where will you be offering the service? A good domain name can amplify what your business is all about before users have even clicked through.

Using common keywords in your specific niche can position you strategically and rank you above others in the same field; when people look for those keywords, they can easily find your website.

For instance, WeightLossTips.Com clearly states that the website will provide tips on weight loss. It also uses a keyword that is widely searched globally.

Do enough research

Before deciding on a domain name, research if there are companies with the name to avoid copyright issues. Don’t select a name that will be confused with another popular site either. If you choose the name of a trademarked company, you may be forced to shut down your website and could even wind up with a huge legal case.

Also, you can purchase further domain extensions of your name to prevent competitors from registering the domains. It also ensures your readers are directed to your website in case they mistype it.

Keep it simple, short and memorable

Consider a domain name that is short, simple and memorable to make it easy to be shared on social networks. If it needs a lot of attention to type because of complicated spelling, length and has numbers or hyphens, people may easily forget it.

Avoid using slang or words that have different spellings because customers may find it difficult to find your site. Don’t use long and complex words because they can be easily mistyped. Also, do not use numbers and hyphens because they can be confusing.

People often omit numbers and replace hypens, which can lead readers to a different site. Moreover, domains with numbers and hyphens rank poorly in Google, they can be confusing, and can be mistaken.

Do you have a great idea for a domain? You can register yours with our efficient team, today. Act fast! Pick your domain before somebody else beats you to it.

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