Quick Tips To Boost Your Instagram Follower Count
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Quick Tips To Boost Your Instagram Follower Count


Instagram is an awesome tool for businesses of any size. The platform allows you to present your products in a clear and focused way, connect with your followers on a daily basis and develop an attractive and unique image for your business that gets you instant brand recognition.

Unfortunately, you need to have a decent amount of followers for these techniques to ever really take off. Growing your follower base can be tricky when you first launch your Instagram page. Use these simple tips to organically grow your follower count without ever having to buy bots to boost the numbers.

1. Post high-quality content on a daily basis. Regularly posting images to Instagram will help flesh our your page so that there’s something to look at once you’ve attracted potential followers. However, while quantity is important, quality is even more crucial. Instagram is all about the aesthetic, so use a high-quality smartphone camera to snap your photos and edit carefully before posting. You want the images to reflect your brand in the best possible light, so get the lighting right.

2. Make it visually interesting. If each individual image is pretty, but the content doesn’t work together in a visually stimulating way, then you may miss out on valuable followers. Choose a specific style or colour scheme for your Instagram feed and be consistent – this will give your profile a great look that immediately grabs the attention of your audience.

3. Keep it positive. Most people are looking for that warm fuzzy feeling when they’re tracking down content to like and share on social media, so focus on posting content that has a positive message. Funny, inspiring or heart-warming posts work best, particularly on Instagram where the mood is usually light.

4. Use hashtags wisely. Hashtags are one of the simplest ways to get your content seen on Instagram and bring new followers to your page, but they won’t work if you don’t use them correctly. Utilise a tool like Dehaze to find the best hashtags for your location and topic and then add up to 30 relevant tags to your post. Track how many followers you get from each new hashtag used to assess how well the strategy is working.

5. Make friends. Following similar profiles to your own business’s Instagram, liking their content, and leaving positive comments is a simple but effective strategy to achieve organic growth in your follower count. Many people will follow a business if they’ve followed their page first, and most of us are happy to reciprocate on social media if we feel that our content has been appreciated. Network as much as possible and engage with other pages to really see your visibility improve.

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