5 Tips to Grow Your Business on Social Media
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5 Tips to Grow Your Business on Social Media


Most people you run into in your life have some type of social media platform. It is only natural that businesses have been harnessing the power that social media has, connecting with people worldwide and delivering fresh and innovative messages across the board. It is a way to grow business, brand recognition and customer base in a relatable and effortless way. By expanding your social media presence, and establishing a great social media campaign, there is no end to the rewards you can reap.

Therefore, it is essential to have a strong social media presence. Now, this doesn’t mean having every social media platform, but using the ones you do have well.

1. Consistency is key

You need to have a game plan when it comes to social media. From the posts, the message behind them and how frequently you engage over the platform, you need to have a sense of consistency. This will not only impact the way you present yourself over the platforms, but also your audience engagement. Find a rhythm that works for you, and your company, and keep it.

2. Optimise Your Content

People access social media across many different devices. From Laptops, to smart phones, you need to make sure your content is accessible and formatted correctly for that given device, and site. For instance, mobile optimisation is key to the success of many business sites. Not only that, but Google favours sites which have been optimised across the board.

3. Use It the Right Way

Another thing to keep in mind is what you post on each platform. Each platform functions in their own way and carries characteristics that are unique to them. Facebook is an engaging platform, where you can post links, articles and videos that support your business. Instagram, on the other hand, thrives off high quality pictures. Twitter is all about short messages and LinkedIn is the professional hub filled with Industry specific information. You need to figure out what platform would allow your business to give the best reflection of itself.</p

4. Align your Message

Do not worry so much about likes and comments on your posts, because they will come naturally if your message is clear, direct and engaging. Ensure that you deliver a clear message of your brand in line with your web content and business, rather than just delivering for attention. Align your content with the message that you want to portray, and which shows your business in its best light. If you pride your business on its professionalism and seriousness, then it probably doesn’t align with your business to be posting memes or cat videos (despite their internet sensationalism). Just because some content delivers large volumes of likes and shares, doesn’t mean that you should be the one posting it. You need to post the right content for your business, otherwise you will gain the wrong audience for your products and services. Do not make this mistake, as it can be hard to come back from.

Find the mix between popularity and business. Don’t get us wrong, still ensure that you are being fun with your posts, but ensure that they are portraying the right message for your business.

5. Plan Ahead

Strategizing your social media with upcoming campaigns, events or announcements can have incredible benefits on your business. Social Media marketing heightens your campaign, and the audience that accesses it. Varying the way you deliver your message has great benefits when it comes to keeping your audience engaged. Ensure that you support upcoming campaigns with a strong social media plan and utilise the tools that those platforms hold, and ensure that you expand the way you market your business, big or small.

By harnessing these 5 tips, your business can have a strong and cohesive network that can be tapped into at any point. Not only can you deliver your message to a wide audience across various platforms, but you can allow people to engage with your business in an easy, straightforward way.

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