Surprisingly Common Small Business Social Media Mistakes
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Surprisingly Common Small Business Social Media Mistakes


Social media marketing is crucial for small businesses that want to stay competitive. However, social media marketing nowadays is not limited to setting up a free page for your business on Facebook. The whole social media promotion package is a bit more complicated than that. Big companies assign a budget specifically to market on social media. So, it’s not something smaller companies should take trivially. When running a social media campaign without much expertise, many small businesses make silly mistakes. Luckily, these small mistakes are easily fixable. Here is a list of such mistakes small businesses you must avoid:

Not Being Authentic

When users, or potential customers, interact with your business on social media, they expect the business to be authentic. Company social media pages should have their own specific voice and brand. Engage with your followers or subscribers in a friendly and open manner, just like how a friend would interact with the user. Post the things your team writes in a way that doesn’t come off as carefully written by marketers. However, be smart about interactions. Do not lash out at negative comments as you would with your personal account. Talk to lawyers and expert marketers on how to properly interact on social media without sounding like a corporate robot.

Launching without Goals in Mind

Your social media plan must have goals and should be run according to a strategy. Having goals will help you allocate resources in a manner that actually attracts customers to your company and increases revenue. A strategy will allow your company to build an authentic and appealing online persona. When you don’t have a strategy, the social media profiles will be inconsistent and all over the place.

Having Too Many Social Media Profiles

There is such a thing as too many social profiles. Don’t waste your resources running a social media campaign on dozens of networks. You must focus your attention on a handful of social networks that generate the best ROI. Run an analysis to find out which social media platforms are most preferred by your target audience and then focus on these. When you try to market on every platform, you will lose your focus. The team will be overwhelmed and the quality of content will plunge.

Low Quality Content

Never choose quantity over quality when it comes to posting on social media. Hastily typing up a status update on Facebook and sharing a cat video on YouTube does not amount to unique and engaging content that appeals to potential customers. Everything you post on social media should be carefully researched. Take time to post quality content rather than posting more content. Make sure posts are free of things like spelling errors too. While sharing others’ content or reposting is fine once in a while, the majority of the content on your profiles should be unique. It’s definitely worth your money to invest in good writers and graphic designers to create truly dazzling content to sway social media users.

Yes, the mistakes are not that complicated, but they appear almost constantly on social media profiles of various small businesses. Heed the suggestions given above, and you will be able to improve your company’s social media strategy in no time.

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