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The Best Email Hosting Solution


Business email has undergone somewhat of a facelift over the past decade. Businesses have made an aggressive transition into the mobile world. With this move comes security risks, increased possibility of downtime, and the overall inconvenient mobile platform incompatibility nightmare.

At last, there is a cure! Several hosted solutions are available to help usher your business email into this new age. Believe it or not there are a lot of outdated in-house email clients in play, and it's time to put those to rest.

Here is a list of the 3 best hosted email solutions available for business.


Still top dog, Outlook has once again set the bar. Most businesses will be hard pressed to find a more capable email solution. This client comes in three forms. The most popular form is its in-house client, which is very well known as Microsoft Office Outlook. Its new hosted option comes with two online configurations. The first is Outlook 365. 365 offers all of the bells and whistles of the in-house client. 365 can be made accessible or not through any secure device browser, this all but erases the need for VPNs and backdoor clients. The third form of Outlook is Windows Live Mail. Not as reliable, and very dumbed down. Live is a free solution that should seldom be used for business. However, if your business is looking for a free solution, this is available.

Zoho mail

A developer’s dream, and coming in a close second is Zoho Mail. Wow! What else is there to say about this hosted email solution. This client functions as a part of a complete intranet office solution. Also offered as a standalone, this email client is completely customisable. Zoho offers a secure platform with unparalleled web app integration. If your business doesn’t have in-house IT, Zoho is standing by to help. Maybe this should be number one? Zoho is an easy pick.


Gmail has steadily become the hosted email client of choice. You can employ your existing company email. Gmail is a reliable client that has impeccable up time. Gmail may lack a lot of the functionality that most have become use to with clients such as Outlook or Zoho, but this may be a good solution for a business that is in favour of a small team environment. Gmail releases new features almost on a yearly basis. More than likely they will be able to compete with Outlook in a few years, but not yet.

Outlook ranks as the best solution of these top three. Security, uptime, and overall multiplatform reliability is what makes a hosted email client an invaluable part of any business communication solution. Choose wisely friends.

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