How to Create a ‘100,000 + Unique Visitors’ Website
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How to Create a ‘100,000 + Unique Visitors’ Website


In the nature of our industry, we see the sites that are ranking well and why. We research their revenues and traffic on platforms like Alexa and Moz, and we’re aware it gives many of our clients sleepless nights. How did they get so big in such a short time? Comparing it to your website can sometimes seem like David and Goliath, but it doesn’t have to be. Just like you, they started from scratch and built their way up to being something lucrative.

But how did they do this?

1. Outsource your work

Believe it or not, most successful internet enterprises outsource a fair bit of their work to online workers across the globe. If you’re a smaller business with a lot of work on your hands, this is most likely going to be the most productive option for your situation. In some cases, outsourcing is much cheaper than in-house hiring. Furthermore, diversity in cultures, language, and lifestyle offers visitors a richer quality experience as compared to the sometimes repetitive work offered by in-house specialists.

2. Have an attractive ‘call to action’ on your website

If you’d like to know the true definition of ‘business means business’, then have a look at the websites of the biggest brands online. Eye-catching and tempting calls to action are on every web page. It’s like they are whispering to you gently, ‘c’mon, give us a try.’ And before you know it, you find yourself purchasing a product, as if you needed it so badly, urgently.

3. Advertise, advertise, advertise

Ads might be annoying, but they are one of the surest ways to get attention to your site. And ads aren’t the only way to boost your traffic; take the time to get affiliated with others online who do the same thing you do. Networking is a key component of brand recognition. You can also have links directing traffic to each other’s websites. Besides, wouldn’t it be better to share the benefits of thousands of unique visitors rather than fight for them like a pack of wolves?

Conclusively, mega websites will always rank highest with search engines such as Google and Bing. After all, they have the money and authority to keep themselves there. As a newbie, focus on getting yourself a first page ranking through organic factors that are contributed to things like high quality content and substance.

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