5 Marketing Tips for Your eCommerce Website
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5 Marketing Tips for Your eCommerce Website


Why is online marketing important for your e-commerce website? Well, it brings with it a lot of perks. Firstly, it’s the go-to option when you’re looking to increase the number of unique visitors to your site. Secondly, if you’re planning to coerce a visitor to buy your product or service, then you have to SELL it to them.

Only by investing your time and resources in your online marketing strategies will you be able to reap greater rewards—ones that traditional marketing is now unable to fulfill. Surprisingly, a majority of e-commerce websites here in Australia suffer from one common issue; they simply do not know where to begin when it comes to marketing their website. So if you’ve been struggling with meager sales and low traffic, here are five great tips to really put things back together.

1. Speak to your audience

Content, content, content. If this was a song, you’d have heard it on repeat over and over. Unique content is what enables visitors to stay intrigued to your website. Whether it’s creating a unique ad-sales page, a good landing page, or a high quality content blog; all these sections add to the important piece of the puzzle that is your marketing. So how does this happen? Well, if writing is not your bed of roses, there are professional experts that can do it for you.

2. Don’t oversell

Experts recommend that about 20% of your content should be selling and the remaining 80% should be helping to answer the questions your audience have in their heads. Think of thought leadership. Overselling is what kills your e-business outright. When you push products to visitors, you give them the feeling that they do not have a say in the decision process. No customer wants to feel powerless when making a decision to buy a product.

3. Visual creativity goes a long way

Photographs, pictures, memes…you name it. 90% of the human population makes their decision based on visual perceptions. That’s why it’s important to include an infographic or visuals to your website. It doesn’t have to be flashy, but something that will definitely paint a message vividly to the visitor.

4. Look to Improve

One of the best ways to increase your marketing reach is to always look to improve your strategies. Learn from others, do the research, refresh your content consistently, and the audience in turn will never disappoint you.

5. Reward your customers

Lastly, people love to feel loved. They like it when they are treated like VIPs. So why not reward your customers with exclusive offers? Moreover, loyalty can never be undermined. For these visitors, ensure you leave in a goody bag once in a while whenever they reach a certain number of purchases.

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