What are the Top eCommerce Business Ideas of 2016?
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What are the Top eCommerce Business Ideas of 2016?


Online buying and selling is not a trend that will be dissipating anytime soon. Now more than ever, there is a greater demand for ecommerce by consumers around the world. As a result, traditional companies are making their products and services available online. There are also new emerging businesses that are specifically tailored to online business.

As in the real world, however, there are some concepts that are profitable and others that fail to make any real impact. While some developments stay quite consistent, there is often an increase and decrease in various industries depending on the fiscal year. There are shifts in trends that allow experts to determine which sectors will see the most amount of growth. Here are the most proficient ecommerce business ideas 2016:

Athletic Wear

People are becoming more interested in fitness which means that they are spending a larger amount of money on technology and clothes. Due to this, there is set to be a sudden uptick in the demand for fitness clothes, accessories, equipment, and technology. In addition to fitness, there has been an increase in purchases made regarding athletic clothing such as yoga pants and leggings. In certain regions, the popularity of such items has actually overtaken commercial clothing industries. Thus, focusing on generating products related to this sector will prove to be quite profitable.

Educational Support

There is a greater emphasis being placed on education than ever before. More interestingly, the trend that is truly taking off is the one that is concerned with self-learning. This is in part due to online resources required by students enrolled in primary, secondary, and tertiary schools. Nonetheless, there has been an upsurge among adults as well. This is due to a desire to improve their professional knowledge as well as learn additional skills. As an additional benefit, this market also shows an incredible return on profit after initial investment.

Specialty Baby Products

Parents are now more than ever, concerned about what they use on their babies. They are also quite careful about the type of food that they give their infants. More importantly, parents are willing to spend greater amounts of money to receive higher quality products. When you combine this with the steady increase in online shopping, specialty baby products are certainly among the top ecommerce business ideas.

Pet Products

Much like their children, people are also spending an increasing amount of money on their pets. This includes buying healthier pet food, exclusive pet toys, and various other grooming products. With this concept, pet owners are not leaning towards getting these items from local pet stores. Rather, they are checking ecommerce platforms to get what they need. In addition, this concept is the gift that keeps on giving. This is because these types of items are not ones that will experience a rise in popularity and then a sharp drop. Owners will continue to need buying food, toys, and other products for their pets.

Handmade Products

This has been a movement that has been gaining a steady following for years now. This can be observed with sites such as Etsy – there is a great demand for things that are handmade and personalised. This makes it quite profitable as far as small ecommerce business ideas go. Thus, by creating unique artefacts, clothing items, or even furnishings, businesses can earn considerable revenue this year.

If you are considering in venturing forth into ecommerce business, these are ideas that have a great deal of merit. Particularly in 2016, these concepts will find a lot of traction.

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