The 6 Secrets to Succeeding on Snapchat
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The 6 Secrets to Succeeding on Snapchat


Any brand that wants to keep their digital marketing strategy current and fresh needs to be on Snapchat right now. Over 100 million people are using Snapchat every day around the world, with 18-24 making up the largest demographic group among users. This crucial demographic could be the key to your business’s success. Put simply; if you want young people to be interested in your brand, you need to make yourself visible on Snapchat.

1. Get comfortable with the app. This may seem obvious, but you’d be amazed by how many brands jump on the Snapchat bandwagon without fully understanding how the app works and how to use it well. Explore Snapchat and get comfortable with the app’s tools and features from a personal profile before you launch your marketing campaign from a brand profile.

2. Formulate a strategy. Snapchat is really its own world in the digital marketing sphere, and it certainly requires a very specific strategy. Explore the app and research how other brands are successfully using Snapchat, then come up with a clear plan. Remember, when it comes to Snapchat the aim is not to go viral. Instead you should be focusing on connecting and engaging with your audience and growing your brand through authentic communication.

3. Remember the target audience. If you’re usually marketing to an older demographic, keep in mind that your Snapchat audience is most likely between the ages of 18 and 30. Keep an eye on the latest memes and web trends and adjust your tone accordingly.

4. Maintain a sense of humour. One of the essentials of Snapchat success is humour – this is a fundamentally fun app that encourages silliness and a playful vibe over a perfectionist, polished image. Have fun with images, text overlays and filters and don’t be afraid to take risks. This platform is all about personality and authenticity, so try to embrace the more chaotic feel without taking your eye off the overall strategy of your marketing campaign.

5. Promote your Snapchat. In order to have a truly effective Snapchat campaign, you’ll need to pull your audience over to the platform from your business’s other social media pages. Advertise your Snapchat name and QR code on all of your social media pages after launching your campaign and give your audience a great reason to head over and follow your Snapchat. A discount coupon, prize or shout out can be solid incentive to grab followers, and will help build your presence on the platform quickly.

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