Which CMS Is Best For SEO?
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Which CMS Is Best For SEO?


A huge percentage of SEO problems can be linked back to the underperformance of the content management system (CMS). But is there really an ideal SEO CMS, and is there tangible data to support it?

The Setup

Much like a car, SEO is really the sum of its parts. If there are particular parts that are flawed, then the whole thing is not going to work. It is better and cheaper to ensure you have all the right parts to begin with.

We have been witnessing an evolution in web design, together with new types of CMSs that are designed to help people who have little programming know how to build their websites.

If a website builder is too good to be true, it often is

The appeal of a website builder that simply allows you to drag and drop content and then it automatically resizes and rearranges it is very compelling. However, these free website builders don’t highlight the long term costs of leaving your keywords unranked. For those who can’t tell Weebly from WordPress, this post should serve to enlighten you on the best CMS for SEO, statistically speaking.

Follow the masses?

A good way to find the best CMS is to find what most people like. If you go for a CMS that has a huge following, then there has to be something compelling about it as far as SEO is concerned, right?

As far as popularity goes, WordPress pretty much takes the cake

60% of all content managed sites run on WordPress according to a reliable survey. Even the most experienced web design agencies use it. This is to say that WordPress is the go-to platform, going by the sheer number of users who rely on it.

One big advantage of using this popular CMS is the developer support you enjoy as there are many of them who concentrate on the platform. They offer guidelines on how best to optimise, and which SEO tools to use.

Highest Ranked

Despite its popularity, does WordPress perform as highly when ranked? When it comes to this, things are not so black and white.

The big picture reveals that WordPress wins as most of the websites ranked in the top 10k use it, as compared to the 29% using by other platforms. So, if WordPress is popular with popular websites, then it must be ideal right?

If you study the statistics more purposefully, your opinion might shift in regard to if WordPress is the best CMS for SEO. Other platforms actually perform better when it comes to SEO. Drupal, for instance, has much higher ratings at 78%, despite its relatively small share in the market in the top 10k websites. It is followed by WordPress at 45%, Magento, Square Space and Joomla respectively.

These statistics of course don’t address all the variables, such as the nature of job that the websites are designed for. Case in point, Magento outshines WordPress in large e-commerce sites, but producing marketing content with it is hard due to the add-ons needed to incorporate a blog. WordPress in comparison shines, because it appreciates the role content marketing plays in SEO.

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