7 Deadly Sins: Key SEO Mistakes To Avoid
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7 Deadly Sins: Key SEO Mistakes To Avoid


SEO, or search engine optimisation, is one of the most useful tools for promoting a brand, product, or service online. When SEO is done right your businesses will reap the benefits, gaining brand recognition across different platforms. But without proper practice in your SEO campaigns there can be havoc and even potential blacklisting as a consequence.

To help ensure your next SEO campaign is a success, we’ve found the top 7 SEO mistakes to avoid.

1. Broken Links

Nothing is more annoying than clicking an external link only to find it leads nowhere. Broken links can happen from time to time, and guess what? No one likes them, especially Google. Make sure you check on your external links every now and then to avoid a drop in your page rankings.

2. Stuffing in Keywords

Using a keyword so many times that you’re leaving no space for real, humanized content is the SEO tactics of the past. If you’re a culprit of the overuse of keywords, stop, now. Repeating your keywords over and over will only attract the wrong sort of attention from Google, and you’ll end up dropping in rankings.

3. Duplicate Content

Having more than one page saying the exact same thing on your site is not only annoying to visitors, it is bad for your reputation. Duplicate content is detrimental for your SEO rankings.

4. Copied Copy

Stealing others’ copy to use for your own- without giving credit is one of the worst things you can do. While creating unique content can seem difficult, if you copy others’ work Google will know - they will push you to the bottom of the search lists, and no one will be able to find you.

5. External Links that are Not Credible

Providing your audience external links should be done with confidence. Make sure you implement quality over quantity when placing external links into your site.

6. Using Meta Keyword Tags

Keyword tags were once a vital part of SEO, but now they can actually cause a negative impact on your overall rankings. Meta keywords will allow competition to see your online strategy and they can take those keywords and place them into a PPC (pay per click) campaign; then you are left with no traffic, no views, nothing.

7. Not Letting Google ‘Crawl’ Your Site Properly

By configuring your site’s backend correctly, Google will be able to find it more easily and you will rank higher. Don’t make your content hard for a crawler to find.

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