Where To Host Your Magento Website?
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Where To Host Your Magento Website?


In many situations, businesses at their early stages plan to adopt low cost strategies to ensure healthy margins. However, in this process, often the result could be sub-optimal in terms of business performance in the online channel. The power of a Magento enabled hosting platform not only gives the user the flexibility to be online throughout, but also ensures hassle-free transaction management and customer handling operations. Selecting the right Magento hosting platform is not a difficult task when you know what to consider.

Selecting the Best Magento Hosting

Identify your requirements

Like with every other problem, we first need to identify and understand the requirements of the online store. Be it disk usage, production or processing capacities, or having board bandwidth, there could be many requirements specific of your business. It is a very common practice by many companies that they try to fix these requirements to averages. That is why, in many cases when there is excess demand it results in severe outages and downtimes. It is critical to have the maximum value for these metrics to ensure hassle-free customer experience at various stages of demand.

Research hosting providers

Once you have defined and identified your requirements, the next step is to carry out research on hosting providers. If your store is Magneto powered, it is advisable to go with a provider who is specialised in this niche.

Selecting the server and correct type of hosting

This is a very critical decision one needs to make while selecting the right hosting service provider. There are shared servers that are created through the help of virtual systems wherein multiple stores operate through a single sever. This has both pros and cons; while the upside is the pricing, which is much lower than other variants, the downside is the limitation of disk pace, bandwidth and so on resulting in system latency.

The other type of server is a dedicated server which allows hosting of a single store through a single server. Quite understandably, this implies higher cost, but on the contrary ensures superior store performance.

Hosting type can be self managed or managed. The former is more intended towards tech savvy people and gives you complete control over your sever. The latter is provided through vendors and you do not have to worry about any of the hardware or software related challenges – it’s all taken care of.


Undoubtedly, this is the most important factor that builds the trust among users. Although users are responsible for secured systems, it is a pivotal role for the host providers to guarantee a zero fault tolerance on this aspect.

24x7 support and assistance

A key factor in selecting a host provider is its network and solution providing capabilities in an efficient manner – this resolves client complaints and fixes concerns at any point.

With great flexibility and scalable technology-aided architecture, the options of web hosting you receive from the power of Magento is highly appreciable. By choosing the right provider of Magento hosting, you can enjoy all its niceties and help your business to grow to the desired height.

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