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What Is SSL


Whilst browsing the internet, people usually cross hundreds of URL’s. Whether it is scrolling through a Google search, or going to specific sites you know, each one usually begins with the same thing. Or do they? The usual “http://” has started to change into another form, with an “s”, making the elusive “https://”. So, what does that extra “s” do? Why is it there and what does it mean? We are going to answer all the major questions surrounding SSL, and how it influences your overall website performance.

Well, the extra S is the way to determine whether your current search is encrypted so that hackers cannot easily intercept your data inputs. The S itself is an indicator that the underlying technology of SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is present.

SSL acts as a standard point of security, and creates an encrypted link between a web server, and a browser ensuring that all information transferred is privatised. If you were to enter your information into a site that didn’t have this form of security technology behind it, there is a heightened risk of your information being intercepted and stolen by hackers.

When we are talking information, it isn’t simply your answers to that quiz you did to find out which TV character you are most like. Instead, we are looking at more serious forms of information, like your bank account details, passwords, address and much more. The hacker sits and waits on a program that allows them to catch all this information as you enter it, and save it for their own use. SSL directly combats their ability to use these programs whilst you enter your data, allowing for your information to remain safe.

How SSL Works

Let’s break it down. We already gathered that SSL is a form of encrypting data from hackers access, providing a safe for you to transfer your information. There is a web supporting this process of SSL, ensuring that everything remains strong and reliable to the millions of every day users.

Whenever a browser connects with a web page, there is information gathered and a connection made between the web server and that specific browser. During this process, there will be an identification as to whether there is an SSL certification present. Once an SSL certification is identified, the browser will change to a secure browsing window, binding together within the web server and browser. This will ensure that no one outside of this connection will be able to intercept the information transferred whilst this browsing window is open and secure. It is almost instantaneous for this SSL connection to be made, and requires no effort on your part. The most you have to do is ensure that before you enter any information, you view whether the “s” is present in the URL, otherwise you should reconsider whether you enter any information within that site.

How will SSL help my SEO?

We have already discussed the ins and outs of SEO, and what it means to rank higher on search engines, and how to optimise your website to perform at a peak level. Another way to influence the ways in which your website is looked upon is by including SSL in your operations. By having the SSL option for your website, you are proving that you are a legitimised company who care about the security of data transferred between your store/company, and your customers.

It is easy to get your hands on an SSL Certification, and reap the benefits it provides for both you and your customers. There are various types available to suit the demands of different webpages, and you can identify these by talking to a provider.

Safeguard your information, and the information of your customers, from prying eyes. Explore the options of SSL certifications available to you with a hosting expert today. With the advancements in digital data, you need to ensure that you are having safe transactions between customers, whilst boosting your SEO at the same time.

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