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Difference Between Personal Hosting and Business Hosting


Whether you are building a website for yourself or for a business, you will need to find a service that will let others view your page. This is usually the point where you will start looking into web hosting services. These companies can ‘host’ your website on their servers, essentially putting your website into the arena of the internet.

At this level, both personal and business web hosting are the same. You pay a fee and your service provider will publish your website online. Web hosting services are also responsible for ensuring your site works correctly, so that you do not have to worry about the technical issues happening in the background.

The differences between personal and business hosting comes from what the website itself does. Personal hosting is geared towards websites with no special requirements, such as a Customer Management System. Business hosting will require a lot of bespoking from your web hosting service, such as the ability to share resources.

Personal options

If you have a personal website and are looking to have it hosted online, you’re in luck. There are a great deal of web hosting services that provide excellent support with little cost. The reason behind this is that, by and large, a personal website does not involve a lot of work from the hosting side. If you have a website with a few personal images, text and music then a web hosting service can accommodate that very easily.

A personal website will most likely see a small amount of web traffic, unless you get really lucky. So, your service provider will not need to worry about an inundation of new visitors daily, which in turn keeps the bandwidth low. All in all, a personal website can cost pennies to host monthly, depending on how extensive the website is.

Business options

A website for a business is a completely different beast. Time is money in business, so business hosting is a much more vital service. As such, these services are geared around the concept of ensuring that everything works perfectly, with next to no downtime. Generally speaking, a business website will also accommodate advanced features such as a Customer Relationship Manager and Online Point of Sales.

The biggest difference in a business context is the additional resources made available. These generally include more bandwidth, larger storage space and a much more intimate support service. Helpdesk support is common, and in some cases there are priority email and live chat support features.

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