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The advent of the internet, and the subsequent adoption of devices and innovations spawning from it, has completely revolutionised our world. As a result of things like smartphones and the cloud, everyone from the layman to the corporate world have grown to expect a certain level of quality and accessibility. I.T has become a key asset in everyday life, with businesses expecting a perfect user experience from their services and products.

One of the most recent innovations to satiate the corporate masses comes in the form of a cloud solution - data centre hosting. Before diving into this service, though, it is important to understand what it is all about.

What Is a Data Center?

Data centres consist of a large grouping of computer servers. These servers are used by companies that rent space there to remotely store, process and distribute their information. Physical servers cost a great deal of money, so a data centre can charge quite a high rate for this service.

These hosting addresses the problem of paying high prices for using a physical server. In short, data centre hosting stores an entire data centre on a separate infrastructure - the cloud. You can still use all of the same services as before. Features are all the same and it is, for all intents and purposes, a fully functioning solution.

The difference is that the centre is no longer located on-site, but online. All of the information and services are migrated to the cloud, and from here the service provider is now responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the data centre.

What Are the Benefits?

Data centre hosting holds a lot of great benefits that can really help businesses:

  • Most importantly, there is a lot of money saved when using this hosting over a physical data centre. There are no physical servers to invest in and there will be less hands-on maintenance.
  • As a result of the drop in required maintenance, there is a lot less time dedicated to ensuring it is fully functional.
  • As you work with a service provider for data centre hosting, there will be better service level agreements and customer support. This again ties into the time saving aspects.
  • The service that you select will, almost always, have a solid security system in place for your data. This is a huge benefit, as it all-but guarantees the security and safety of the information being stored.
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