How To Choose Hosting For Your Joomla Website
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How To Choose Hosting For Your Joomla Website


Joomla is one of the more well-known content management systems available in the market. Using Joomla, you can build a website that is rich in content and highly functional as well. And, to top it, you do not need to be a pro at coding knowledge to create the website. All of this is good, but the best part about Joomla is that it is an open source code project that is maintained by an expanding community of developers. These developers continue to extend the capabilities of what Joomla has to offer, and therein lies its real strength. Therefore, this easy-to-use, free and flexible content management system is a great choice for those looking to create a web presence. However, before starting out, web hosting for Joomla is required. The following guide will help with tips on what to look for in a good web host.

Looking for a trustworthy web hosting company

For those who are new to the platform or to coding as such, finding a trustworthy hosting company is a must. A number of web hosting companies are ready to provide you with the services by confusing you with the technical jargon. However, go with a reliable provider who is able to troubleshoot easily and on time.

Faster hosting

Another important criterion to look for is the speed of the Joomla hosting, which must be fast. A fast website where the pages open or load in a jiffy definitely wins over the customers compared to a website that takes ages to load. A faster site makes customers happy and comfortable too. Thus it is recommended to look for a Joomla hosting company that provides fast Joomla hosting.

Installation of Joomla

Installing Joomla on the host is the next big step which might seem easy, but for those unfamiliar with the technologies, such as mySQL and FTP, it can prove to be a tough task. Therefore, it helps to look for a host that helps with the installation and migration of Joomla.

Database support

For it to run on a server, Joomla requires a database. Thus, while choosing a web hosting provider, look for one with multiple databases. This will ensure smooth functioning of the content management system along with uninterrupted running of other applications too.

Compatibility of Joomla

Joomla works on servers which are equipped with PHP, Apache or mySQL. Thus, you must check if the hosting provider has any of these and, if so, preferably the latest versions. Joomla will work better on the latest versions being more reliable, stable and secure.

Multiple domain support

Joomla can work on a single domain. However, for Joomla web hosting, multiple domains are important, preferably purchased from the same hosting company to save costs.

Reliable support

After-sales support is vital for troubleshooting. It is thus advisable to choose a hosting company that provides excellent and reliable support via experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Trustworthy infrastructure

The web host must have a reliable infrastructure for the content management system to give an outstanding performance.

Concluding, the above mentioned qualities must be present in a good Joomla web hosting solution provider. A web hosting solution with these features, along with a reliable infrastructure, ensures a great website that gives a stellar performance.

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