What Is The Best Type Of Web Hosting For Me?
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What kind of web hosting do I need?

The type of hosting you need is dependent on the type of website you have and how much traffic your site experiences each month. Here’s a quick and easy to understand run-down of the differences between the three, using real estate as an analogy to simplify things:

Shared: Think of this as renting an apartment. There are many other websites renting in the same complex (server) as you, and you all share the resources. This is the most affordable option, ideal for small sites that don’t see a whole lot of traffic.

VPS: A Virtual Private Server is the townhouse of hosting packages. Unlike the above option, where 3,000 or so sites all share RAM and CPU, VPS has a limit of about 10 or 20. This also provides stability, as the RAM and HD space is evenly distributed to each site. This option is suitable for mid-level eCommerce sites.

Dedicated: The Rolls Royce of hosting. In real estate terms, this is a mansion. There are no other sites on the server but yours, so there’s no risk of ‘bad neighbour’ issues (high traffic to other sites that affect your site’s speed). Perfect for high-level e-commerce sites that see 100,000 visitors or more per month.

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