What Is Uptime? How Does Hosting Uptime Impact My Business?
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What is up time?

Up time is the amount of time that a server has stayed up and running. This is usually listed as a percentage, like "99.9% up time." It is a great measure of how good a web hosting provider is at keeping their systems up and running. The higher the hosting provider’s up time percentage is, the more time your site is up and running.

This is an incredibly important number for a couple of reasons:

  1. A site that’s down is a bad experience for customers, and they’ll likely not visit again.
  2. When the site is down, your emails are too.
  3. Any leads you would have received vanish.

It’s important to consider how much down time each percentage represents per month, too. Sure, 99% up time sounds impressive, but that equates to 7.2 hours every month. Even 99.9% up time means your site and emails have the potential to be down just over 43 minutes throughout the month.

Any down time at all is too much. Hosting Australia offers a 100% up time commitment. Phone our experts at 1300 368 359 to get on board and never see any down time again (or we pay you!).