What Is A Data Centre? Hosting Australia Explains
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What is a data centre?

A data centre is a facility that centralises an organisation’s IT operations and equipment, and where it stores, manages, and disseminates its data. Data centres house a network’s most critical systems, and are vital to the continuity of daily operations. Consequentially, the security and reliability of data centres and their information is a top priority for organisations.

The facility itself will feature an array of mechanisms that ensure not only the highest level of security, but also to act as safeguards to any issues that may occur: high-power cooling units to prevent overheating, backup generators and/or extensive battery setups in case of power outages, and much more.

When considering a hosting company, it’s important to understand the legalities concerning the physical location of their servers. By law, several industries (medical, finance, etc.) require a very high degree of data security and, as such, hosting on servers located overseas could mean you’re breaking the law.

Hosting Australia’s servers are all situated in Melbourne, so you can be absolutely certain your data is secure. Call 1300 368 359 to receive the highest level of protection for your data today.