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What are subdomain names?

A subdomain is what you type into a website address to the left of the main domain name. Using our own domain name when you’re logging into the client portal as an example, secure.hostingaustralia.com.au, secure is the subdomain.

There are a few reasons they can be beneficial to use:

  • More organised in nature, these provide a much better user experience across your website.
  • They’re seen and ranked separately in the eyes of search engines, which means that if for some reason one of your subdomain pages rank badly it won’t have an effect on the rest of your website. Strangely, though, if they’re ranking well they’ll help boost the main domain’s ranking.
  • You can use subdomains to split-test, as they won’t have a negative effect on your main site’s SEO.
  • Adding subdomains is a free service, so you can create as many as you like (although management can become a headache).
  • You’re able to add relevant keywords into your website address without having to register a new domain.

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