What Is Private Domain Name Registration In Australia?
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What is private domain name registration?

Using a WhoIs domain name search, if a domain is already registered you’re able to find out a number of different details about the registrant such as their name, email address, contact address, phone number, identifier such as ABN, ACN, etc. and more.

When you secure a domain name, you’ll need to accept the T&Cs of the registrar, which includes the display of the aforementioned information.

For .AU domains

Information available for .id.au, .com.au, .asn.au, .org.au and of course .com.au from a WhoIs search includes identifier, registrant name, contact name and the contact email address. Contact number, fax and physical address are withheld.

For popular global domains

The information that’s provided for .net, .biz, .com, .info and .org WhoIs searches is the registrant’s name, identifier, contact name and email address (same as .AU) plus contact address and phone number.

Registering privately

This can only be offered to registrants of the popular global domains listed above (at an additional cost), and when applied will revert your personal details (contact name, email/postal address, phone number) to the registrar’s information.

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