Is Using A Hyphen In A Domain Name A Good Idea?
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Should I use a hyphen in domains?

There is an ongoing argument when it comes to registering a domain name that uses one or more hyphens. We thought it might be a good idea to provide you with the different pros and cons behind utilising them.


  1. Domains that use common terms have less of a chance of being readily available. Using hyphens somewhere in the web address might allow you to obtain something that’s otherwise taken.
  2. You’re able to clearly show different words in your domain name, and avoid confusion with words that could run together and become confusing.
  3. It’s arguably a good thing for SEO (however, these days engines are probably advanced enough to distinguish the words themselves)


  1. It won’t roll off the tongue as well.
  2. Could prove harder to remember, as people are more used to hyphen-less URLs.
  3. Lesser resale value.

One thing to keep in mind – to prevent cybersquatting down the track – is it could be beneficial to register domain names that are both hyphenated and non-hyphenated to begin with.

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