How Many Australian Domain Names Can I Register?
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How many Australian domain registrations can I have?

The very short answer is as many as you like. But it’s important that you meet the particular guidelines that have been put in place by the auDA (.au Domain Administration).

For,, and domain names

When registering one of the above domains, you need the proper documentation to support your business, non-profit or other club or association. Using this documentation, you’re then able to register multiple domains: precise matches, acronyms/abbreviations, trademark or trading name. Additionally, you’re free to register (provided they’re available, of course) web addresses that are associated with any of your products or services, your brand(s), activities, trademarks, events, professions or venues.

Personal .AU domain names

In terms of the personal web addresses, you can also register multiple. However, each needs to relate to you personally whether it’s your name, initials, nickname or otherwise. Another thing to keep in mind is that these must not be used for business purposes.

Global domains

For the easily-recognisable global domain extensions (.com, .net, etc.), the situation is a whole lot more lax. You’re free to register as many as you wish without any limitations.

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