What Are Some Of The Most Common Mistakes When Registering A Domain Name?
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What are some common mistakes when choosing a name?

The domain name you choose, whether it’s for personal or business purposes, is a very important step that shouldn’t be taken without understanding some of the ‘don’ts’. Here are the top five factors you should avoid when brainstorming web addresses:

  1. Long domains

There are a number of different reasons that longer domains are not advised: they’re harder to remember, it’s easier to make a mistake while typing, and relaying it to someone is a pain. Also, will it even fit on your business card?

  1. It’s too similar to another

You launch your website, and you’re immediately inundated with calls/emails/enquiries – all because your web address is strikingly similar to another business’. Do a bit of homework and make sure there aren’t any too-similar addresses registered.

  1. Overly complex

Remember; you’ll more than likely be communicating it verbally to customers. Whether that’s via a radio ad, in person, or over the phone, you need to be able to easily relay it without having to repeat it. Saying w8-g3t is much more complicated than, say, HostingAustralia. Keep it simple and you’ll increase the chance of recall and reduce the chance of misspellings.

  1. Waiting too long

Performing a search, discovering your ideal choice is available, then putting the domain name registration on hold is definitely advised against. Snap it up before anyone else does to avoid frustration and disappointment down the track.

  1. Be wary of ‘slurls’

A slurl (slur + URL) occurs when the words you’ve chosen, when grouped together as one, can create other words with different (sometimes even offensive) meanings. Make sure you’ve gone over it a few times so you don’t fall victim to this.

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