What Is The Optimal Length Of A Domain Name?
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What is the best domain length?

While it’s generally recommended that you opt for ‘short and sweet’ when you’re brainstorming domain names, so they’re easier to remember and type, there are certain instances where this rule doesn’t apply.

Even with just five or six characters, if the address uses a mix of confusing characters it’ll be more difficult to relay and recall than an address using double the characters but common words. For example, wh9-k4.com.au is much more difficult to express than waterzombie.com.au, and a lot harder to remember.

If you’re looking to register a .AU domain, you’ll most likely have better luck finding a shorter address than you would with .com or .net, but if they’re all taken, a domain that’s a bit longer is perfectly fine, too, provided it:

  • Is easily spelt
  • Can be expressed easily
  • Is memorable

Although you have up to 63 characters to play with, we strongly recommend you do try to keep it as short as you possibly can; domains that are really long can look a bit untrustworthy.

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