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What does domain cloaking/masking and forwarding/redirection mean?

Cloaking and forwarding have the same meaning, and that is to use a frame within a website browser that disguises a URL as another. For example, a visitor enters your domain into the address bar, and it’s forwarded onto another server but retains your domain name.

Forwarding and redirection are actually a bit different, but on the surface they’re essentially completing the same job; directing one domain to another. A great example of this would be gooogle.com (an extra ‘o’) which redirects to google.com.

While the above may be relevant for those interested in hosting on free servers, for anyone running a commercial or community website, it’s important to have a full hosting package that removes the need for any redirects or cloaking. Have a chat with our team to learn further information – 1300 368 359.