I’ve Bought A Business, What Happens With The Domain Name?
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When I buy an existing business, what happens with the domain name?

When you’re looking to purchase a business, it’s important that you understand the business itself doesn’t actually include the domain name. As such, it’s vital that there’s a clause in the sales contract that stipulates all domains are to be transferred to you. The wording in this clause must be very carefully put together in order to safeguard your rights after the sale has been finalised, so consulting a lawyer is a very good idea.

At the end of the day, however, there’s transfer paperwork that also must be signed, and even if the sale contract includes a domain transfer clause, without the additional transfer paperwork the domain cannot be moved. That is, unless you take the matter to court or approach the auDA and file a complaint (both of which can end up being stressful, costly and drawn-out experiences).

Ensure you’ve got all relevant paperwork signed and completed, plus include the aforementioned transfer clause, and have a solicitor look over it all. Once he or she has given the ok, you’re good to go.

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