What Is Bandwidth Usage? What Is Monthly Bandwidth Use?
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What is data transfer or bandwidth traffic? How do traffic limits fit into this?

As a web hosting plan feature, monthly traffic can be found under many names such as:

  • Traffic
  • Data transfer
  • File transfer
  • Site bandwidth
  • Web traffic
  • Bandwidth limit
  • Bandwidth

There is, however, a difference between the terms data transfer (traffic) and bandwidth. Data transfer is all of the information downloaded from your website and transferred to your visitor's computer from your hosting provider's server at a given moment. Bandwidth refers to the capacity of the transfer connection, and is a static value defined by your host.

The transferred information includes all files on your website (text, images, multi-media files) that can be viewed or downloaded. The amount of consumed traffic is highly dependent on the amount and type of files you have, as well as the number of visitors browsing through your website.

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