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What is the history of .AU names?

Robert Elz, of Melbourne University, created the original policies for the .AU TLD. He was responsible for the daily mechanics of Australia’s namespace, and he did so voluntarily for many years. By 1996, the domain name popularity was growing rapidly, and the task of maintaining the registry had grown to a point that became too time-consuming for Mr. Elz. At this point, he decided it would be best to hand over operations to Melbourne University’s commercial department.

During the 1990s, there was a self-regulatory administration created in the Australian internet industry – ADNA (the Australian Domain Name Administration). Eventually, after certain struggles, the .AU Domain Administration (auDA) completely took the reins of .AU operations. They called tender for a streamlined and secure registry system for five of the main registries utilising .AU -,, .id,au, and, and the highest bidder was AusRegistry who remain Registry Operators to this day. Additionally, they now manage both the (Australian Government) and (education) names, and run all of the servers allowing WhoIs searches for .AU domains.

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