10 WordPress Plugins for Your Online Business
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10 WordPress Plugins for Your Online Business


WordPress has become a mainstay for many online businesses, thanks to its ease of use, incredible flexibility and tons of functionality. One of the most useful aspects of WordPress is that you can actually chop and change parts of the functionality, so that you can tailor its usability to your own online business. Whether you are looking to include real-time stats, registration forms or anything else, all it takes is the right plugin.

With around 40,000 different plugins available online, and experts that can create custom plugins for you, the limits are endless. To get you started, though, here are the 10 most popular plugins for your online business.


Fast load times on your website is imperative in modern times. Hummingbird is a plugin that completely streamlines your website's inner workings, so that pages load nearly instantly.


By scanning your site for any holes or vulnerabilities, Defender makes sure that your page is as safe as possible.


If you have a comments section on your WordPress site, then Akismet is for you. This plugin filters out spam comments for you, keeping your commenting community clear of spam.

Google Analytics +

This plugin is a perfect tool to help you analyse your site traffic data. You can track visits, page views, bounce rates and much more to help you get a full picture of your site.

Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin really is essential, as it generates an XML sitemap for your site. This is crucial for search engines to better index your site.

Contact Form 7

This nifty plugin allows you to create and manage a multitude of contact forms for your site. It also lets you customise your contact forms to your exact specifications.

Ultimate Branding

If you are looking to spruce up your branding efforts on WordPress, this is the plugin for you. Ultimate Branding opens up a world of possibilities for your logos and brands across your site.


Snapshot is a plugin that lets you flexibly make backups of your website. You can store your backups across multiple locations, such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Appointments +

If you are looking to book appointments or meetings through your WordPress page, Appointments + is your go-to plugin.

BJ Lazy Load

This stellar plugin is a great tool for saving on bandwidth and speeding up your page load times. Through clever placeholder use, BJ Lazy Load is functionally brilliant.

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