What you Need to Know Before Building Your Website
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What you Need to Know Before Building Your Website


There are many different elements involved when it comes to building your own website. Many of these you might be able to do yourself, but others will require a professional service who specialises in web design or hosting packages. Before you take your business onto the online stage, there are a few things you should consider to make certain your website is offering your clients the best possible user experience.

What are the key objectives of your site?

This may seem like a pointless question to be asking yourself, but the answer could ultimately determine whether you produce a well-oiled and targeted finished product, or a jumbled mess of conflicting key messages and call to actions. Do you intend to craft a virtual marketplace where consumers can purchase goods with ease? Are you hoping to offer a valuable hub of consumer information? Or perhaps you simply want to create a portal to connect with your target audience to educate, persuade and inform.

Don't cut corners when it comes to organising a hosting service

It might be tempting to choose a cheap hosting package to cut down on your setup costs, but believe me, it's not worth the money you save. The smart business decision would be to spend a little extra on a reliable service and ensure you have a consistent connection to your website.

There's nothing more frustrating from a consumers' perspective than slow loading times and problematic hosting issues. The money you may potentially save on choosing a cheap and nasty hosting package, will ultimately be outweighed by the missed conversions as consumers click off your site in favour of a more reliable platform.

Another consideration is selecting a hosting service which is scalable as your business grows and offers 24/7 tech support. There is nothing more debilitating to an online store than a crashed site. If you don't have access to the necessary support when you need it to offer a resolution quickly, then you could be missing out on much of your daily or weekly revenue.

Choose your domain name closely

This decision is one you must make carefully, as your domain is as much a part of your brand's identity as your business name itself. With this in mind, try to keep it as similar to your brand name as possible and if Australian, ensure you make it a .com.au. It might also be advisable to register similar domain names for brand protection, should a competitor decide to snatch one out from under you to tarnish your reputation.

To search for available domain names or to secure an affordable, yet dependable hosting package, contact Hosting Australia today on 1300 761 930.

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