5 Steps To Create Your Own Blogging Business Online!
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5-Step Guide to Starting an Online Blogging Business

Blogging online is seen as one of the most lucrative professions in the world today. Bloggers are self-employed and independent, and also can easily work from home or anywhere they are located. The Internet also provides readership, and potential customers, in almost unlimited numbers. As the benefits of blogging are many, but so is the competition. Simply having a blog where you record your daily musings will not generate any revenue. If you are hoping to make money off blogging, here is how you should start:

1. Find a Niche

First of all, you need something to blog about that no one else is already blogging about. For example, travel blogs are incredibly popular as revenue generators as well as an outlet for personal fulfilment. So, if you want to blog about travelling in Asia and make money, you need to corner a readership that is not being served by all the thousands of other blogs about travelling in Asia, especially if you are looking at Digital Marketing in Hong Kong. Spend some time thinking and come up with a niche market that your blog can capitalise on.

2. Design the Website

You may already have in mind to design and host your site on a free platform like WordPress. However, if you want complete ownership of the site, consider renting a web server yourself, regionally. For example, website hosting Australia is better for an exclusive audience Down Under, rather than choosing a server located in Belgium. If you rent the server yourself, you will have more say over site design, terms of use and optimisation. If you can’t afford to do so at the beginning, at least consider this option for later when you are generating revenue. As for the design layout, keep is simple, but stylish. Minimalism is the way to go for websites. You want your blog to load fast, so compress graphics, and keep videos and plugins to a minimum. Once you have a sample layout, test it with friends or family and get their feedback on how to improve. Also, amateur bloggers make the mistake of showing pay-per-click ads along with the content. Ads can generate revenue, but using too much will cost you readers.

3. Write Posts

Obviously, you will need high-quality posts to upload on your blog on a regular basis. Adopt your own writing style, and understand your audience when you publish posts. For example, if the target readership of your blog is the general public, then the writing style should be kept simple. But, if you are writing for a professional audience, then it’s all right to sneak in the occasional “juxtapositions” and “explications.” Do your research and keep content highly accurate as well as interesting.

4. Optimise the Website

The next big step is to optimise your website for search engines to get higher rankings. There are a number of easy SEO tactics bloggers can employ. First are keywords. Use these strategically throughout your website. Then, you can use backlinks to improve the credibility of your site. If possible, get your content professionally reviewed and post these on your site to prove your trustworthiness to search engines.

5. Promote Your Blog

Once all of the above is accomplished, it’s time to promote your blog and get your name trending online. This is something that cannot be done overnight. You need to create a marketing strategy that will generate results over time. You can start with social media. Create profiles on sites like Facebook and Twitter to share your posts and gain a following. You can also run a Google ad campaign, but this is not necessary when you are just starting. First master social media marketing and later move onto the other forms. Simply stick to the above 5 steps to successfully launch your own blog and make money from anywhere.
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