Are you at risk of breaking Australian privacy laws by hosting overseas?
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Data Privacy

Are you at risk of breaking Australian
privacy laws by hosting overseas?

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There exists data sovereignty laws in Australia that have been put in place to protect personal information.

While cloud hosting is seen as some-what of a godsend, many hosting companies have servers located overseas. The problem with this is that all of the data stored on servers in a different country are actually subject to that country’s laws, which can of course differ greatly to Australian laws.

Put simply, if you choose a hosting company with international servers, you and your customers’ sensitive information can be easily accessed if required. However, as Hosting Australia’s servers are all located right here in Melbourne, you never have to worry about that happening.

Local servers, an on-shore dedicated account manager, and 100% uptime guaranteed -
Hosting Australia delivers it all.

Financial Industry

Another very important industry in terms of privacy is finance, for obvious reasons. Can you imagine the fallout if your customers’ banking and/or investment information was accessed and word got out? Safeguard your customers’ data and your reputation by choosing Hosting Australia.

Medical Industry

Whether you accept booking requests through your website, communicate with other medical professionals via email (referrals, etc.) or otherwise, you need to be absolutely certain this sort of patient information is 100% secure. The legal ramifications of leaked patient information could be intensive.


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