Comparing Apples with Apples
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Comparing apples
with apples

Ask your current provider these important questions...


What’s my bandwidth usage allowance, and do I really need that much?


What type of storage do the servers use and how much RAM do I have access to?


Where are the servers located? Locally or internationally?

Our standard service

Never over-provisioning / oversell resources

Hosting Australia’s policy is that we will never, at any stage, over-provision a server by more than 20%. From our experience, this ensures that the hardware we have purchased performs within optimal limits.


Other companies use consumer-grade storage mediums, which have a high failure likelihood and do not provide the performance required and are not rated for enterprise class use. We only use enterprise class Dell SSD storage in all production servers, and Nearline-SAS disks in backup facilities.


All backups are performed daily, stored externally to the server where the hosting is located which allows for user self-restore of individual files or a full account.


Low memory servers are a waste of time, because you can’t perform any regular tasks without upgrading. We provide levels of virtual memory usage that you will actually use.


Other providers allow 99 - 99.99% which varies according to provider, and you need to follow up any claims for remuneration if this is not achieved. The Hosting Australia difference? We take care of the process for you, and credit you automatically according to downtime each month.

Servers (as a whole)

While other hosting providers mix and match hardware and use consumer grade, off-the-shelf components, we only use the latest Dell enterprise class hardware such as Dell R630 and R530 servers.


Elsewhere, you’ll be sold large amounts of data that you don’t actually use – do you really need 1500Gb for a single WordPress web-site? We allow for unlimited transfers, restricting the throughput of the speed instead.

Server Locations

All of our servers are located in Australia, utilising Australian data-centres and Australian carriers. This means you and your customers’ data is the safest it can be, and you’re complying with Australian data sovereignty laws.

Things to watch out for with other providers

When you’re researching different hosting companies, because many of the choices out there have very similar features it can be very difficult to define which would be perfectly suited to your website. Additionally, there are a number of different inclusions many hosting providers advertise as a supposed ‘added-value service’, which are actually anything but.

For example, things like unlimited FTP, SQL databases, and emails are actually all standard requirements. If they’re focusing on any (or all) of these in their hosting packages and boasting that they’re included, you should wonder why.

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